Ssa Dosto, (Hi Friends)

Tuhada Punjabi Radio Europe te Nigga Swagat hai ( We Welcome you on our website ), Punjabi Radio Europe, is dedicated to All Punjabi Living in Europe and all over the World. Currently we are broadcasting from Oslo and Chandigarh.

The radio is available 24×7 through internet and also on I-phone, Android worldwide. or you can buy our WIFI radio for tiny amount to listen the radio its just one time investment for life time music.

Punjabi Radio Europe Brodcast 24×7 Music and on our wifi radio there is one more channel which broadcast Live Kirtan from GoldenTemple Which is very hard to find here in Europe so dont forget to buy our Wifi Radio for your Home.
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don’t forget to join our Facebook page for news and suggestion. thanks for visiting us, Punjabi Radio Europe

Chak De Fatte !!!!

Amar Malhi



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